Hunters and Collectors – Talking to a Stranger

They got more popular later and “Throw Your Arms Around Me” is a quite lovely rock ballad that I used to sing to my kids at bedtime (along with “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd, “Love My Way” by Psychedelic Furs, and “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison), but for my money it was all about this song and video from Hunters and Collectors. I saw the video on television back in the mid ’80s and it made me feel like I’d found something totally weird that nobody else got. Turns our I was pretty much right. The record this song is from is full of really odd, stripped down industrial funky oddness from Australia that, were I to hear for the first time today, I honestly don’t know what I’d think. It all feels so sun-baked and hallucinatory and still, to this day, makes me feel kind of weird. Good weird. As if there were any other kind.


And more good weird in this video for “Betty’s Worry or the Slab” that came out a couple of years later. “I was looking for seasoned dreams to rip from your fingers.” Indeed.


I’ve Never Been More Certain In My Life That Johnny Has a Boom Boom

I’m in love with Imelda May. The band is amazing and this song in particular is on seriously high replay on my headphones. In short, it’s just totally kick-ass rockabilly from Dublin by way of London.

On a related note, I highly recommend the show this video is taken from. It’s been on forever but I lost track of it for a few years. Later…With Jools Holland is on Ovation TV, seemingly, every fifteen minutes.

Twilight was Stupid. Stupid Book, Stupid Movie. Buffy Would Have Made It Better.

If Edward had lived in the Universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it would have been shorter, funnier, and way more best-ier. If you were slightly tweaked by the creepy stalker crap, and the more than creepy “I love you so much I want you to kill me” crap, oh yeah and the weirdly puritanical (written by a Mormon, you see) underpinnings of the crap-fest of a movie, this may make you laugh.

Swingers – One Good Reason

My good friend James Gossard and I used to swap mix-tapes where one of us would do a side and give it to the other to do a “response” side. I learned about some music from James that I probably never would have found where it not for those mix-tapes. Among the songs I still have on tape, but that I’ve had an impossible search for digital versions of, is this one from the New Zealand band Swingers. I’ve never seen the movie this video is from, but am certainly intrigued.