Little Progressive in Training

My dearest daughter (age 10 in a week) was totally psyched the other morning that she figured out how to tune in the local NPR station on her ipod-dock/radio. To J: “Now I can hear what’s going on with Barack and McCain every morning.” Man, when I was her age I couldn’t stand when my parents put on NPR. I’m so proud of her.

P and Marty

P went to Liberty with my mom to visit my Grandmother Marty at the end of the summer. She took our camera with her and took a bunch of really cool pictures. I love seeing how P sees the world and what she things of as worthy of recording. Everything from door handles on a rental car to the shadows on Marty’s courtyard. This is not one of her pictures, rather it was taken by my mom.

From P’s Pictures in Liberty

Queer Egg Roll

J and R rolling eggsJ and I camped out all night Friday with a bunch of people organized by to get tickets for the White House egg roll. It was a lovely night and only rained a few minutes Saturday morning. Next year, we’ll be better prepared with tent and sleeping bags and bring the kids.

The egg roll itself was pretty fun. There were lots of performers on different stages, and the kids had a great time. As you see from the photo, young R and old J participated in the roll. P would have none of it and I hung out with her to cheer her little brother on.

The event was marred only by some really horrible protesters outside the gate telling our kids that they would get sick being out on such a rainy day without god protecting them. I’m pretty sure that P felt all confidence that the Goddess had her back all the way, and R doesn’t listen to anything anyone else says anyway.

We overheard some White House staff grumbling as we passed that this was a family event and that…well, whatever they said it was stupid. What would you expect from this White House?

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