Obama Grants Benefits To Same-Sex Partners Of Federal Employees!

Wow, this is awesome. I couldn’t be happier! A huge moment in the fight toward equal rights for all. I just feel all warm and bubbly inside.

What’s that? Not all benefits? No health or retirement benefits because DOMA prohibits it? Well, that’s ok, I guess. I mean he did say during his campaign that gay rights were very important to him so I suppose he’ll get around to the rest of it. But what benefits exactly are left? No, no, I’m not complaining really. I’m just disappointed is all.

I mean, fer crissake, It’s not like his Justice Department used an opposition to incestuous marriages as a basis for it’s support of DOMA in a statement released recently. It did? What did Obama have to say about that? Boy I bet he was pissed! Nothing? Hm. Doesn’t sound like he really thinks about gay rights much at all.

He better fucking repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and DOMA pretty fucking soon or I’m just about done with him. And none of this bullshit about due process and letting Congress work through it. Those acts are crap laws and violate human rights. You don’t have to wait for an act of Congress to right a wrong that you can fix with the stroke of a pen.? It’s what we fucking elected you to do!

I don’t really care if he fixes the economic crisis; I suspect that’s pretty much beyond the powers of his office. But if we all go down, we better fucking be going together.

Charles Meets Barack

Charles is a volunteer from Boulder, CO who won a raffle to meet Barack at the rally in Denver a few days ago. It’s great to hear the perspective of someone who has been around as long as Charles has and who saw first hand what FDR did to pull us out of the Great Depression.