Couldn’t You Wait

I was visiting my friend John’s MySpace page a minute ago and saw that he has posted a trailer for a documentary about one of my favorite bands from Seattle, Silkworm. Halfway through the trailer they start talking about Michael’s death. I hadn’t even known he had died.

It was a little more than two years ago when, apparently, his car was hit by a woman speeding and trying to kill herself. Michael was a great drummer with – as I recall – an amazingly sweet personality and no pretension. That was rare in the 90s rock world of Seattle.

I remember standing to the side of the stage at the Off Ramp watching him play. Coincidentally – after posting just an hour or so ago about smiling rock musicians – I remember him smiling shyly as he played. Man, he really hit the drums hard.

I’m sorry he’s gone and my thoughts go out to his family and the rest of Silkworm. Cheers, Michael.

Share iTunes Now!

I’ve recently started using Simplify Media to share my home iTunes library so I can listen to it at work. It’s working great so far and I’m now letting all my friends know that they should install it and share with me. The application installs an IM-like client in your system tray where you add up to 30 friends. Then, in iTunes, you see all of your new friend’s libraries for you to play to your hearts content. Install it and let me know.