Hunters and Collectors – Talking to a Stranger

They got more popular later and “Throw Your Arms Around Me” is a quite lovely rock ballad that I used to sing to my kids at bedtime (along with “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd, “Love My Way” by Psychedelic Furs, and “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison), but for my money it was all about this song and video from Hunters and Collectors. I saw the video on television back in the mid ’80s and it made me feel like I’d found something totally weird that nobody else got. Turns our I was pretty much right. The record this song is from is full of really odd, stripped down industrial funky oddness from Australia that, were I to hear for the first time today, I honestly don’t know what I’d think. It all feels so sun-baked and hallucinatory and still, to this day, makes me feel kind of weird. Good weird. As if there were any other kind.


And more good weird in this video for “Betty’s Worry or the Slab” that came out a couple of years later. “I was looking for seasoned dreams to rip from your fingers.” Indeed.


Screaming Trees 1987

1987: The year after I graduated from high school. My bands used to play with Screaming Trees now and again when they came to Eugene. They’ve always been one of my very favorite bands. I still don’t understand how they weren’t huge.


I know it’s monumentally lazy to stroll back here every few weeks to post a video, but…well, I guess that’s all I have room for. Hell, it’s not like anyone reads this fucking blog anyway.

I found this video on YouTube of NoMeansNo back before they had a guitar player. I think I saw them at the Vatican in Eugene as a duo, but can’t remember those days all that clearly. This probably would have been from the mid-’80s sometime. I played with them a couple of times around 88 or 89, but they had grey hair by then.