Mostly Not Here

I’ve been incredibly busy lately and have been mostly blogging (along with several of my brilliant co-workers) on the Beaconfirewire. I’ll continue to sporadically update intensely boring personal news and such here. But the dry spells will likely continue.

Meeting Sketch #1

I have found that doodling is a more effective way for me to remember what has happened in meetings. Maybe it’s an ADD thing…I don’t know. Rather than let these works of art languish in spiral notebooks and in the margins of Functional Requirements Documents, I’ve decided to blog them.

You’re welcome.

Meeting Notes 2006-03-10

Campaign for America’s Priorities

Today, I’m splitting my time between attending sessions at the N-TEN Regional Conference (here in DC) and checkng progress on this wicked-cool application we just finished building for a client. I’m really proud of it…especially since we turned it around in less than a week (and that included multiple content and graphical changes by the client at all points in the development process).

We used the Google Maps API to build the Campaign for America’s Priorities (, allowing people to add a personalized protest sign to a map and send links out to friends. Pretty cool, really.

Here’s my map.

I’m not sure if it’s the first virtual march. Let me know about others you’ve seen.

Flyouts Are Fun! And So Are Democrats.

I just finished a 12 hour day getting this site re-fresh ready for launch. It was my first real stab at a CSS-only flyout menu and I’m really pretty nervous. I know that older browser support will be spotty (or non-existent), but it should function in all current browsers and platforms. I’m pretty happy with it, but could probably use an expert review. I mean, in some ways I am an expert, but that just scares me sometimes. I mean, if I’m expert in any aspect of this wild and wolly internet then how the fuck is it still even running?

My main responsibility was the flyout menus under “ideas” and a bunch of image chopping and HTML cleanup. Please, by all that is holy, do not run an HTML validation on this page. We had nothing to do with the core HTML and I would dearly love to spend 10 hours just combing through the code getting it all up to XHTML snuff. Just seeing the thousands of occurances of

was enough to give me nightmares! Honestly, if you are as big a standards geek as I am, that single tag will make your stomach turn. Why do you think I’m typing this (while desperately gulping Hefeweizen) instead of going to bed, like any sane person would after already being in front of their computer since 8am? I’ll be dreaming of inline styles, duplicate IDs and classes with names like “blueNavCopy” all night. Honestly, it’s just not worth going to sleep at all.

Maybe I’ll just FTP to the server on my own time while nobody is looking and just…