And in the element of light
The sun reflected from the waves
Inshore it spangles

The child of air is borne upon the wind that blows across the sea

Element of LightAnd in the element of summer
The cliffs suspended in the heat
The air in columns

The tiny figures of the world are walking
Underneath your feet
And underneath your hair

Where angels wander
I’ll wander too
Where angels wander — over you
And in the element of darkness
The starlight shimmers on the spray
And falls towards you

Your perfect lover’s never there
And if she was, she wouldn’t be — and neither, though, would you

Save your illusions
For someone else
Save your illusions
For yourself

And in the element of laughter
The quick explosion and the slow
Release of heat

The tide recedes upon the bones of something beautiful and drowned
In coral and in jade

Where angels hover
I’ll hover too
Where angels hover — over you
Over you
Over you

-Robyn Hitchcock

All About Me

I am an mostly sedentary activist who thinks that corporate greed, right-wing politics, and the christian right (is there really a difference?) is turning our world to shit. In my professional life I have actually been known to demonstrate a passing familiarity with competence for hours on end.

I was a rock star once for about fifteen minutes and have nothing to show for it but a few CDs, some videos that are starting to deteriorate, a gold record for a band that I played with ten years before they made it big, loss of hearing in my right ear, and a slight tendency to drink beer.

I can be selfish.

I get too worked up about things I care about, but have a sometimes alarming disconnection with the world around me.

I never, ever, ever get enough sleep.

The right song at the right time can completely change me.? Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this effect only seems to last a few hours at the most.