Pete Shelley – Yesterday’s Not Here

I went on a trip down the Spotify hole and somewhere around 2am realized I’d only ever heard “Homosapien” (best snotty coming out song ever?) from this Pete Shelley solo debut. How could that be?!? Turns out, not surprisingly, that there are a bunch of great songs on the record. This one is my favorite. You’re welcome.

Death Grips – Guillotine

Yeah, I guess you could listen the the new Kanye/Jay-z album. Or you could, instead, venture over here…way the fuck out into left field and give Death Grips a listen. Something about it (spare, industial, confrontational) reminds me of The Beatnigs.

“We obviously had the option and foresight to not use a seatbelt, but that misses the point. It is not real – the outside is static, the inside is static, and the seatbelt is fucking static. Everything is static, just eating away at the individual. The material world and many things within it are designed to keep us half-dead, and we’re trained to think these things are keeping us safe. We reference the weaponry of fear and our music and vision isn’t about being hard or tough, it’s about being real and raw, and feeling our shit. We counter with energy, everything is energy.”
– Flatlander, Death Grips

Phenon – Hey Soul Sister

While I may not be the biggest fan of the song, I could not be a bigger fan of the singer. I think I need to upgrade that PC; It doesn’t seem to be able to keep the video and audio even remotely in sync. Regardless, the girl can sing. She has a solo in her Honors Chorus concert tonight, and landed a role as a “Silly Girl” in her school’s performance of Beauty and the Beast. Just that many steps closer to her dream of being either a rock star or to perform on Broadway. Sigh.