Pop-Cultural Root of all Evil and Aggression

“Today, though, I want to talk about the pop-cultural root of all evil and aggression, which is not Scattergories, not Grand Theft Auto, not the music of The Screwed Up Click. It is the insidious, grudge-fueling, wrath-provoking waste of four hours that is the Parker Brothers classic Monopoly. The evil is right there in the title! Would you play a game called Anti-Trust? In which your goal was to drive up the price of gas and force everyone to take public transit? I say ye nay. We as a people have agreed for some insane reason to sit down with our families and try to drive them out of their homes. The republic is built on the sacred bond between citizen and property, and this game is about taking it away! How un-American is that? I mean, you might as well drive that little pewter car over the little pewter dog!”

Trey Graham, Pop Culture Happy Hour

Who Is Sexier: Rachel Maddow or John Stewart?

I just can’t decide. The two of them together, though…now that’s HOT!

It Makes Me Laugh and Laugh and Laugh

Inspiration SoupI was sent this link years ago and remember sharing it with my co-worker Steve. We laughed so hard it started to hurt and my face got all crampy. I tracked them down again and still find them very funny. You’ve really got to start at the first card and just keep going.

Some of these look frighteningly familiar to me from being raised in a house that was occasionally invaded by the bad vibes and self loathing that is Weight Watchers. Like the Italian Chicken. Yup. Pretty sure we ate that from time to time.

Well, enjoy these vintage Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974.

Jon Stewart Concerened About Cheney’s Pants

Yes, it’s true: the Vice President is having a problem with his pants and Jon Stewart (“The Daily Show) is worried about him.

Yesterday, in addition to the sound (and hilarious) spanking given pro-war stooge Stephen F. Hayes, author of the book, ?The Connection : How al Qaeda’s Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America,? Jon showed some truly heartfelt concern for the Vice President’s pants.