Vernon Robinson Hates Everybody!

Wow, this guy Vernon Robinson (running for Congress in N.C.) is nuts. I just had to send him an email from his website (red, white, and blue…what a surprise!). Check out his tv ad on Crooks and Liars. The ad is no longer on his site, but thanks to the magic of the internet, he’s stuck with it.

“Dear Mr. Robinson,

I Just saw your “Twilight Zone” commercial. As a fine American raising two beautiful children with my loving wife, I’ve never been so inspired in my life to run out and have lots and lots of gay sex. Just wanted you to know that your commercial is working. An absolutely brilliant lampooning of the crazy right-wing nutcases. Keep up the good work. But just to be on the safe side, I’ll do all I can to ensure that you are not elected. Even in N.C.

By the way, you need more options under the “Gender” category on this web form. After seeing your ad, I honestly wasn’t sure what to select.”


Gay Batman

Check it out it while you can. DC Comics is throwing around cease and desist orders like they were going out of style (and they’re not).

What the fuck are they afraid of? Do they really think that this could in any way damage their precious brand? I mean, seriously…they started it. They did sign off on casting a total hottie like Christian Bale, after all…