It Makes Me Laugh and Laugh and Laugh

Inspiration SoupI was sent this link years ago and remember sharing it with my co-worker Steve. We laughed so hard it started to hurt and my face got all crampy. I tracked them down again and still find them very funny. You’ve really got to start at the first card and just keep going.

Some of these look frighteningly familiar to me from being raised in a house that was occasionally invaded by the bad vibes and self loathing that is Weight Watchers. Like the Italian Chicken. Yup. Pretty sure we ate that from time to time.

Well, enjoy these vintage Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974.

Free Taco for Voters

California Totrilla, home of the mediocre burrito, great selection of hot sauces, and irritatingly upbeat service, is offering a free taco to anyone coming in on Nov. 7 with proof that they voted. So, not only do we get to unseat a shitload of total asshole Republicans, but we can get free food for doing so.


Breakfast is the finest meal of the day. It’s a partly cloudy Sunday morning and I’m cooking hashbrowns, toast and scrambled eggs for the demons. J is in Arizona and it’s just the three of us. The birds are chirping through open windows and all is well with the world (well, inside these walls anyway). I always think of my friend Laura when I make hashbrowns. How she always ordered them well-done when we all went out to breakfast in Seattle. I strive to cook hashbrowns that would satisfy Laura. The Coastal Kitchen certainly never could.