WordPress is updating the editor we’ve all come to know and love (I know, right?) with the Gutenberg editor. This new editor promises a lot as far as how authors create content in posts and pages.

Me, before WordPress even existed.

It makes things like adding content in columns much simpler for those for whom toggling their editor into “code” view was a daunting task.

And that’s cool. It’s really cool. As someone who builds templates for people to use on their sites, it means that authors can create better layouts without risking breaking everything.

It makes it much easier to add and embed different kinds of things.

Like perhaps embed a Spotify song? A really good song by The Cardigans.

Now, I know what you’re saying:

“The Cardigans? Aren’t they that ‘Love me, Love Me’ band?”

Yes, they are that “Love Me, Love Me” band but listen to them again. They grew up, developed addictions to bad people and bad substances, and wrote great pop songs about both.

The addition of the Gutenberg editor has not been without controversy. The lead of the WordPress Accessibility team resigned due to frustration with their team’s concerns being routinely ignored. For those of us who care about accessibility, this is definitely cause for concern.

This post was written using the new editor. So far, it seems pretty good. It will definitely save money often spent solving the problems that it solves. But when it comes to accessibility, it seems worth keeping some side-eye pointed in their direction.

I wonder what  "verse" element is.

And here’s a tweet I liked

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