Dear Senator Reid,

While I appreciate your efforts, and honestly believe that you have the best interests in Americans at heart, I can’t believe how thoroughly you allowed the Health (Insurance) Care Bill to be compromised. I actually felt a glimmer of hope when the public option failed and the prospect of Medicare expansion returned to the fore (where it never should have left), but now all I feel is despair.

Whatever bill you eventually pass will do no good for those of us who have seen our rates skyrocket in the last few years. I guess if you weren’t getting the health care that you are, you’d understand the situation the rest of us are in, but as it stands, I guess you don’t.

Why, after all of his betrayals, you have allowed Joe Lieberman to insert himself as the sole gatekeeper of this process is beyond me. Either you didn’t see this coming, or didn’t think he would single-handedly derail the bill. It doesn’t really matter which it is.

Shame on you and the rest of the Senate to have squandered what may be your only opportunity to actually change the welfare of Americans for the better. I wish I could vote for someone other than a Republican or a Democrat. Republicans are counter to everything I hold dear, and Democrats seem unable, or unwilling, to accomplish anything.

Don’t bother passing the bill. It won’t do us any good out here in the cold. And boy, I sure hope I don’t get sick.

Disappointed (but not surprised),

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