Take a half hour out of your day and listen to this speech. It is worth the time to hear what may be a speech our grand children will learn about in school.


Andrew Cohen · March 22, 2008 at 11:31 pm

Yes, a very fine speech. You do have to listen to a larger portion of it to understand it’s substantially. The short news clips didn’t translate his message well — this isn’t a stump speech after all.

On this topic, did you see Chris Wallace of Fox News berating his colleagues treatment of Obama’s follow-on interview? Take a look at the clip here:


Ronald (spirit of truth) · April 5, 2008 at 11:50 pm

Rev W-rights comments end up being wrong, because there are those who seem to despise correction. It is in correction that we save the next generation from division. Obama claims that Wrights comments is wrong, because we need unity at this time. My question is this, is it only now that we need unity. How can two race of people who have lived side by side for over 500 years still be locked in this war based upon race. Was Martin L King who sacrificed his life for unity 40 years ago wrong. So why are we talking about unity of race in 2009? I tell you why. Martin L King said in a speech “There are those who dress their hate in the garment of love, pretending that they are loving when they are actually hating. It is for this reason why we are still strugling with race relation.
The thing is this, the people who has handed down hate to their present generation, are the very people who becomes angry with those who hate their hatred, and desire to make war. They become your enemy if you are not in love with their hate. A Hypocrite is worse than an Enemy. They are the people that is not of the Extreme they represent the middle (Delilah)
From America became free of its Authority, (the revolution) there have been great speeches being made but where are the actions of those speeches, how has it United America that is as Divided as all the Nationality that live within its house. A divided house can never be saved.
The Motto of America is “One Out Of Many” but Obama seem to be quoting the Motto of Jamaica which is “Out Of Many One People. If you notice it is the same motto jumbled around. The difference is I am blessed with the word “People” You cannot have unity without the People. This is why if we truely desire the unity that will save our children, and the Earth we will have to embrace and bring to reality the greatest of all the speeches found in the New Testament Book of (Matthew Chap.5) “The Sermon On The Mount”

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