Lion Before the StormI’ve seen a lot of photographs of wild animals. Hell, we all have, right? I’ve even seen them up close and personal living in Kenya for a year. I’ve taken a few pictures of zebras in Hell’s Gate and elephants near Amboseli that I’m even a little bit proud of. But I’ve never seen the likes of Nick Brandt’s photographs. Looking at these things I can’t help wondering why anyone else even bothers.

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Ronald (spirit of truth) · April 6, 2008 at 1:14 am

If Hells Gate is in Africa it is connected right here in Astoria Queens NYC where I live. One end of Queens is joined to Long Island, the other end is where I live seperated from Manhattan by the “East” river. When Jonah the Prophet (Pisces) was sent to warn the City (after refusing to do so and was cast down into the depths of Hell) he left the City by the “East” gate and sat down to see what would happen. (Jonah Chap 4:5) He is a Lion that came out of the Forest to condemn the Eagle for all the evil that it has done to the World. This is found in the Apocrypha book of the Bible. (2 Book of Esdras titled “The Fifth Vision”.
Stevie Wonder has an Album titled “Hotter Than July” which is also the title track livicated to Bob Marley in which he sings “Tonight there is gonna be a party at the corner at the “End” of the block. The Building I live in (Building 10) is the only one that is at the corner at the “End” of the block (First St. and 27th Ave). At the end of First St by the East river is a small Park called “Hells’ Gate Park”! Steinway Blvd is the main shopping area of Astoria (which is a Greek neighbourhood), and is also the home for Steinway Piano. The back sleeve of Master Blaster Jammin Album is the Piano that is on fire. The sin of the music is prostitution that it must be purged from. (Revelation Chap 18)
It is Cryist who said, He shall make the blind to see and those who claim to see blind.

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