The male Lyrebird attracts mates by singing the most elaborate song he can design. The amazing part is in how the Lyrebird mimics other bird calls and other sounds. Sounds like chainsaws, car alarms, and camera shutters. Already posted on Digg and BoingBoing, but well worth spreading around.

Lyrebird video with David Attenborough

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Ronald (spirit of truth) · April 11, 2008 at 11:04 pm

One of the greatest Nature lovers was Saint Francis Of Assisi who also saw the crucified Christ on Matthias Day at Mass. Matthias Day is also my Earthday. It is he who replaced Judas that betrayed Christ.
It is through the eyes of Nature that I was spiritually enlightened. The Death of the Earth will come from, the fact that instead of allowing “Mother Nature” to become our first teacher, the forbidden fruit of Good and Evil (Education) took its place. She worshipped the Image of herself above the Life of her real self.
Take a look within her forbidden fruit “The Big Apple” and you will see (death) garbage getting the upper hand everywhere. Death over Life is the goal of her education and if “Father Time” does not intervene, the love that she is demanding of you will keep the Earth bound to the grave.
She gives birth to dead children, and deceive herself that she is a Mother. Instead of Mother Nature she is the mother of death.

Insurmountable Opportunities » Lyrebird · April 24, 2008 at 2:41 pm

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