It’s Monday again. This seems to happen, like, every damn week. It’s cold. Really cold. The 8 inches of snow that were promised – nay, threatened – never happened (more like 3 maybe), but it is definitely cold. I’m in my new (soon to be old ’cause we’re moving) office with two space heaters cranking, wearing my coat, and googling for the nearest place I can go buy another heater. My toes are really, really cold.

I’m still waiting to get busy at work. It’s slow starting, but I will be taking over Client Manager duties for two of Beaconfire’s clients: Parents’ Action for Children and The AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s new community site. The PAC site is not new to me. I spent the last few months working as a freelance Interface Engineer on that project. I built the XHTML templates and did a bunch of other shit too. I think if came out very nicely, and I look forward to working on it. The AFC community site is an extremely customized implimentation of PHPNuke, and I’m still getting up to speed on what it will require.

Love the job. Love the people. Can’t wait to move to the new office and be warmer.

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