It was all Harris’ idea. We’d all get xboxes, headsets, and Halo2 so we could go online and blow the shit out of each other. It was good on paper, well…not really on paper, since Harris emailed his plan. It was a good plan on whatever it was on. So good, in fact, that we decided to do it.

Who could have forseen that it would end up being so incredibly fun? I mean, sure, running around with all sorts of guns and shit that blows up is fun. Doing so when the things blowing up are virtual representations of friends you haven’t seen in seven years is also fun. But the really, really, fun part was the talking. See, you put this headset with a microphone on your head (after spending about 30 minutes figuring out how to put the two pieces together and then how to fit those pieces on your head) and then you can talk. I mean really talk, to your friends in the game. You can just stand around looking at each others combat-dressed e-selves and have a freakin’ conversation!

And when conversation lags…well you do have a rocket launcher in your hand, don’t you?

And so, ManaTeam999 was born.

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