Who can resist a flick about five kids in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by suspicious townsfolk, and the creeping death of a skin virus? Ok, so a lot of people resisted it. Maybe “resist” is a strong word. A lot of people just simply didn’t go see it. That’s a shame too…the movie is really pretty fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, is occasionally scary, sexy, funny, creepy, and thrilling. It also isn’t a whole lot of any of those things.

How scary is it? I watched this one alone after everyone else was asleep and didn’t even have to run up the stairs after turning off the basement light (where I watch my flicks). That means that it wasn’t very scary. Not like the first ten minutes of “Jeepers Creepers,” which was among the scariest ten minutes I’ve seen on screen (but which is unfortunately followed by some of the most pedestrian horror crap around); Not like the time in 1980 – when I was in sixth grade and had my first projection-screen television experience while babysitting for the new neighbors – and was all like, “hey, I wonder what this movie ‘Alien’ is all about? I like space! Neat!” and just went right on ahead and put that baby in the machine. Julie and the kids can thank that two hours of my life for much of my personality. Honest, it’s not my fault. I’ve been damaged.

So there you are. “Cabin Fever” is worth watching. Just don’t run any traffic lights getting to the rental store, and if you’re looking for scary, grab something else too.

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