In exactly one week, we will pack up the last of our belongings and depart Cincinnati for the familial ties (and hopeful support that those ties will bring) of “The D.C. Area.” This is not to say that Julie and I are taking the kids to D.C., but “The D.C. Area” conveys more urban hipness and adventureous spirit than does “Suburban Maryland” which is where we’re really moving. Oh yeah, and we’re moving in with her parents.

Along with the usual stuff that making a huge, life altering move entails, this particular move adds another little wrinkle: I’m going to have a month or so to get situated and find a job. I’ve interviewed a couple of times and am hopeful that one of two things will work out. But today I’ve started thinking in a different direction. I’m a decent Web Developer. I’m never going to be great at it; I don’t care enough to be great. The way I’ve chosen to cope with that is to try and get a gig building webs for organizations that matter to me. You know, something political. But still, Web Development is something that I’m just pretty good at.

What I’m really good at is being a Rock Drummer. This is different than being a “good drummer.” Let me ‘splain…

Sure I know how to play drums. I’m technically good. Okay, fine. Neat. So are, like a gazillion other folks. I keep time well, don’t get in the way of the song, and have a natural instinct about how to build a good song and play what is needed to let the song play itself. In short, I don’t need to show off with my playing. Again, neat. All that is well and good, but it’s not particularly outstanding. What really sets me apart is that I rock. I mean it, I rock. I am a performer, and I rock. Not every drummer rocks. Not even very many drummers rock. There are lots of great drummers who don’t rock but are still great. Here is a short list (in no particular order, and leaving plenty out) of drummers who rock.

  • Phil Rudd
  • Earl Hudson
  • Dave Grohl
  • John Bonham
  • Brendan Canty
  • Frank Beard
  • Stan Lynch

I didn’t forget Neal Peart. Sure he’s a great drummer, but he doesn’t rock. And he’s boring. Keith Moon mostly rocked, but played too much to really qualify. Believe me with I say that this in no way detracts from his greatness. You could argue that Alex Van Halen rocks, but, for me anyway, Van Halen as a whole doesn’t rock and therefore sucks Alex down with them. Don’t even get me started on Stewart Copeland or Pete Thomas (who was on the list, but just got pulled off). Two of my favorites of all time, from two of my favorite bands, but do they “rock?” They don’t le of beers, get a good night’s sleep, and try to come back to that later. What is “rocking?” How do you know if someone “rocks,” and how does one learn to “rock” in the first place? And if you’re between a rock and a hard place does banging your head ever help.

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