I am an mostly sedentary activist who thinks that corporate greed, right-wing politics, and the christian right (is there really a difference?) is turning our world to shit. In my professional life I have actually been known to demonstrate a passing familiarity with competence for hours on end.

I was a rock star once for about fifteen minutes and have nothing to show for it but a few CDs, some videos that are starting to deteriorate, a gold record for a band that I played with ten years before they made it big, loss of hearing in my right ear, and a slight tendency to drink beer.

I can be selfish.

I get too worked up about things I care about, but have a sometimes alarming disconnection with the world around me.

I never, ever, ever get enough sleep.

The right song at the right time can completely change me.? Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this effect only seems to last a few hours at the most.

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Ronald (spirit of truth) · April 11, 2008 at 9:02 pm

Religion and Politics are the enemy of those who if given the opportunity would make a difference in society. But who will listen to musicians with purpose! The good news is that KIng David was a musician and that was his only degree for becoming King in Israel.
Musicians are the true physicians of our World but they are reduced to plying their art on the street side.
Selfishness is what others create in you so they become the conquerors. One who works tirelessly can become impatient, especially when those who hardly or do no work enjoy the rewards that they have not earned.
As long as our intention is Universal the rewards are above Politics and Religion.
Look at the Earths condition and the reality teaches you that it will either be Life (Music) or Death (War) If we retire our work the latter is inevitable

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