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Phenon had a persistent cough since the beginning of August 2011.  She was initially diagnosed with asthma; her doctor ordered an x-ray when she was nonresponsive to treatment.  She had the x-ray on Wednesday, October 19 and the results led to a CT Scan on Thursday.  After seeing the film from that – which seemed to confirm the presence of a rather large mass in, or next to, the right lobe of her lung –  Phenon’s pediatrician told us to take her to Children’s Hospital right away.  At Children’s, they have diagnosed her with classical nodular sclerosing Hodgkins lymphoma, a curable cancer.  She will require 12 weeks of chemo, and possibly some radiation after that, but 87% of those who receive the chemo are completely cured and do not even need the radiation.  The detailed description of the chemo is incredibly rough; it is going to be a really really hard 4 months. But it is completely curable, and we are going to kick its ass.  It doesn’t have a prayer, and as far as I can tell, there are very few people on the east or west coast who aren’t helping us in very tangible ways and/or praying too.  So there, lymphoma.  Nobody likes you and nobody is on your side.  Go away.

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  1. melissa says:

    julie and tim – can griffin come sunday? what can we do? what can we bring you and her?
    so much love,
    melissa, rich and griffin

  2. Joe and Caroline says:

    Of course you’re on our minds – love the blog – pics GREAT – let us know if we can do anything! more later – Love J and C

  3. Ron Pearson says:

    Julie & Tim:

    Wishing for Phenon and your family the best of diagnosis and a quick recovery!
    Ron & Suzi Pearson

  4. Brian Murphy says:

    Hoping for the best results from the biopsy. You are all tough, stubborn and persistent. You will get through this.


  5. Len and Amy Martin says:

    Thinking of you all from Germany, and sending lots of love your way! Hang in there guys-
    Len and Amy

  6. Ann, Dave and Claire Taylor says:

    Hi Julie, Tim, Rowen, and especially Phenon,

    Just heard the news of Phenon’s diagnosis from Alison today. While we were so sad to get the information I am sure that you and your family will knock this down.
    Although Mapleknoll seems a long time ago, Claire clearly remembers her time with Phenon. Especially during their second year. She said that it was the year of the rushed breakfast so they would have time to play before leaving for school.
    As you enter these weeks of chemo, remember that you are not alone–we will be thinking, hoping, and wishing for you all every step.

    Love Ann, Dave and Claire Taylor

  7. Suzette says:

    that’s right, go the H-E-double hockey sticks away! tim i know the last thing you can do right now is to spend time thinking of how people can help, but please just be dry when writing about your wants/needs. we’d love to do something – help with laundry service, food delivery whatever. sending love and extra positive vibes! go phenon!

  8. becca morra says:

    I’m thinking of you all and praying for Phenon’s kicking of cancer’s ass! xoxo Becca

  9. yael aka Mrs. Faleder says:

    We here at Forest Knolls and just about everywhere are so impressed with you and your family’s strength. One day at a time,chin up,we are cheering you on.We know it ‘s not easy..
    Lots of Love,
    the Faleders

  10. Kristen says:

    I had Leukemia in 1987 and was treated at Children’s Hospital. I have been in remission for 24 years and have cursed cancer ever since. I have faith that your family will have the same victory. Phenon is going to be once fierce competitor. Best of luck and if you ever need a listening ear.. I’m always available
    AKA- Deedee’s bestest friend 🙂

  11. Mike and Mia says:

    Glad to hear to about the slow but steady progress. We check your blog infrequently, but you guys area never far from our thoughts and always in our prayers. Phenon…keep hanging tough with that “resolve” you got from your Mom. To all of the family…Merry Christmas!

    Mike and Mia Loser

  12. […] this October, the unthinkable happened. Phenon was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. You can read the summary about her diagnosis here.  The treatment is a 12 week course of chemo, but the prognosis is good. 87% of those who receive […]

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