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Just a page full of pictures.

Holding warmed fluid bottles to warm up her hands in the freezing cold room.

Commented on more frequently than the lung issues.
Rowan is being taken good care of while excluded from our quarantine
Jean's and Bobby/Tania's decorations have really brightened the room.
Phenon walking outside the hospital room for the first time since our arrival.
Loiderman MS Buddies
Games and Glasses
Make me stop eating this deliscious alfredo at your own risk!
Pulmonary Tube
Cousin Nails
Phenon Smiling
Breakfast with my Papa


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  1. epic ninja says:

    heeeyyyyyyyy again. i just figured out how to do a random unicorn on a computer board(I forget how to spell that)!!! kay, here it is. <:) RANDOM UNICORN!!!!!!!!!! LOLz!!!!!!!!!

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