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An Anniversary

by Tim
Published on: April 7, 2014 8:46 am
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Wednedsay, March 26 marked two years from the end of treatment.  According to Phenon’s doctors that’s a really big deal.  Apparently, if there have been no signs of recurrence by two years out, they feel comfortable saying that the chances are, while not exactly zero, so low that they don’t need to keep as close an eye on her as they have been.

As such, last week was the last checkup we’ll go to in the CHNMC Hemotology/Oncology Outpatient Clinic.  Phenon and I got to see both Shawna and Payal, a few nurses we’ve gotten to know over the past few years, and that’s that.

Our next appointment, in about six months, will be at a different clinic (still at Children’s) more set up for long-term and infrequent checkups.  There will probably be checkups every six months until this time next year, then just yearly visits from there on out.  And by “there on out” they really mean Phenon’s entire life.  You see, though their worry about recurrence of Lymphoma is low, the treatment itself has increased her risk of any number of things that we’ll need to keep an eye on.

There have been a lot of chapters in this book.  This one feels particularly significant to me.

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