Make-up Day

by Tim
Published on: November 10, 2011
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Today Phenon and I went down to the hospital early so that she could get a dose of etoposide phosphate to make up for the etoposide (not phosphate) that she had the allergic reaction to and, therefore, did not actually get.  Things could really not have gone more smoothly. We got down there in good time and didn’t wait more than fifteen minutes before they called us back.  Totally different than yesterday’s debacle.

I joked that I was just charmed.  A joke that Julie found less than funny after she drove down later in the afternoon to pick up a prescription that we had to have today that never showed.  She waited an hour or so after they said it would be there and then drove home while the hospital pharmacy sent someone to our house to hand-deliver the goods.  It was really nice of them, but I’m definitely done commenting about how smooth the morning was.  Or suggesting that I’m somehow just lucky.

Mostly what Phenon did today was sleep.  She slept while the chemo was administered and then again after we got home for more than three hours until Julie got home.  Then she woke up, vomited for a while and we had a nice family dinner and watched Glee.  We all agreed that this latest episode was not very good but that it was very interesing how teenagers all seem to go through the same things at the same time as each other on Glee.  This was the week when they all decide whether to have sex or not.

Anyway…all-in-all a pretty decent day.  However, Phenon’s stomach is more frequently feeling just BAD, and her mouth has a constant burning sensation that we suspect could possibly be the beginnings of thrush.  Tomorrow Phenon goes to her pediatrician (no hospital!!) for a shot of colony stimulating factor (to promote the growth of new white blood cells), and then it’s just prednisone pills for the next three days until one more half day (well, it’s Julie that’s on duty that day, so half-day, whole-day, in-patient hospitalization, well just have to wait and see) in the clinic for some more of the nasty shit and then NO TREATMENTS FOR 13 DAYS!!!!!!

And then it all starts over again.

  1. Cheryl says:

    Phenon, you and your parents are handling this awful thing that,s happened to you with such impressive humor, strength, and insight. Impressive!
    We,re thinking good thoughts, knowing that your days of feeling back to your awesome self are right around the bend. Sending lots of love your way!

  2. Maureen says:

    Glad it was a better day-at least for Phenon!

  3. gerald says:

    Alright, just keeping tabs on you all. Sounds like a nice enough night. Tim, who is the big Glee fan in the house? Are there several? My God, aside from the “coach”…..I just don’t get it. Phenon (or one of you) will have to explain it to me.

  4. Monu says:

    Nice work!Actually, I’m going to want your expertise on a VMWare ESX box I had die on me borfee I left: one of the drives in the storage array I think has sung it’s last and needs replacing and its not my forte to be honest to rebuild arrays and whatnots.Interested? Beer/pizza/other bribery mandatory S

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