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TimI am an often sedentary activist who thinks that corporate greed, right-wing politics, and the christian right (is there really a difference?) is turning our world to shit. In my professional life I have actually been known to demonstrate a passing familiarity with competence for hours on end.

I was a rock star once for about fifteen minutes and have nothing to show for it but a few CDs, some videos that are starting to deteriorate, a gold record for a band that I played with ten years before they made it big, loss of hearing in my right ear, and a slight tendency to drink beer.

I can be selfish, but always feel terrible about it.

I get too worked up about things I care about, but have a sometimes alarming disconnection with the world around me.

I never, ever, ever get enough sleep.

The right song at the right time can completely change how I see things. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this effect only seems to last a few hours at the most.

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