Pete Shelley – Yesterday’s Not Here

I went on a trip down the Spotify hole and somewhere around 2am realized I’d only ever heard “Homosapien” (best snotty coming out song ever?) from this Pete Shelley solo debut. How could that be?!? Turns out, not surprisingly, that there are a bunch of great songs on the record. This one is my favorite. You’re welcome.

Metric – Dreams So Real

I’m such a sucker. This line totally gets me:

“Have I really helped anybody but myself
To believe in the power of song?
To believe in the power of girls?”

Music has always had the power to move me, but since Phenon got sick there are some things that really get to me.  When I hear Emily Haines sing these lines in the context of a Metric song that sounds to me like what made me fall in love with her years ago, well let’s just say I feel all fist-pumpy.

Oh, yeah and that one that made me fall in love with her years ago?


A. Mario Loiderman Middle School Chamber Choir Performance

Phenon’s middle school chamber choir just performed in Dallas at the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) National Middle School Conference, and they sounded awesome. I wish I could have been there. It really is shocking each time I hear them, how great they sound. Seriously! Listen to this:

Jury Duty Terrifies Me

It is 8:30am and I am sitting in the jury lounge to see if I will be called to serve as a juror for the District Court of Montgomery County.  My stomach is in knots, not only because I have a huge amount of work to do and this is a kind of crummy week to be missing time at the office, though that is definitely part of it.  The knots also are not only because today is my 13 year old daughters last day of Chemotherapy for Hodkin’s Lymphoma, though that is certainly a part of it as well.  But the elephant in the room –  the bloody and incredibly sad elephant – is Patty Rebholtz.  I’m thinking of Patty and really, really, not wanting to hear my number called.